florence blood


The influence of history on my work is considerable,anything from the past interests me,old family photographs,furniture,clothes and any thing as long as it has age.

I have drawn on characters from popular theatre,literature,and more recently old film.My current body of work was initially inspired by the Commedia Del Arte (a very early form of theatre,thought to be Italian originally)the company are made up from a stock of characters who each have their individual traits.I have represented them in a more symbolic way than is usual.

I like to work in oils using my fingers to manipulate the paint.I use thin glazes over a period of time, love the patina of age on old things and I have found this the best way so far to achieve some of this.

In a way it is no surprise that I often choose performers as my inspiration,I come from a long line of musicians for whom performing is a way of life,music and entertainment has been my backdrop.

I am now painting under the name of Florence Blood.

Born 1956
lives and works in Wales
1988-1989 foundation Foundation Art Studies Swansea University

1992-1995 BA Hons Visual Arts Swansea University

Group Exhibitions:

Elysium summer mixed show Swansea 2010
Washington mixed show Penarth 2010
Washington christmas show Penarth 2010
Royal Western Academy summer open show Bristol 2008
Washington joint exhibition show Penarth 2008
Crane summer open show (1st prize )Swansea

Glyn Vivian summer open show Swansea 2007
Glyn Vivian summer open show Swansea 2006
Washington mixed show Penarth 2006
Washington Christmas show Penarth 2005
Washington group show Penarth 2004
Diploma show Swansea Swansea 1994
Pastiche Gallery mixed show Swansea 1991
Bookshop Gallery mumbles Swansea 1989

Solo shows:

Grant Bradley Gallery Bristol 2008
Washington Gallery Penarth 2011